Making the move - exciting? Scary? It often starts with finding the job. Even if it's early days, we can help give you the insight of years of experience in the city to help you pick the right company, location, schools and even meet some great people...

Whether you are from other parts of New Zealand or abroad, sometimes the thought of relocating can feel quite overwhelming. So we have listed some informative websites that can help you with this process and relieve some of that pressure. Whether you are moving alone, with family or you have a family member awaiting you here, these websites have all the information you need to get started.

Do you require a working visa?

New Zealand Immigration is a fully licenced and qualified consultant company that advises on all visa types, they can talk to you about immigration policy requirements, they can introduce you to NZ employers and they also provide free online immigration seminars.

For more information on work visas, permanent or temporary, you can also have a look at Immigration NZ  This website has all the application forms and eligibilty critera to apply for a working visa.

If this is your first time in Christchurch, there are some websites that you may want to have a look at if you are unsure what to expect when you get here. Chrischurch was described by Lonely Planet as

"re-emerging as one of New Zealand's most exciting cities"

Christchurch  the Garden City. This website is run by the Christchurch City Council and if you are new to Christchurch this is great website to look at and see what is happening around our city. It has all the upcoming events, must see places, education and transport information.

Neat places is a guide to all things Christchurch has to offer, the resturants, cafe's, bars, retail shops and any events that might be coming up.

ChristchurchNZ this website is about all things happening around Christchurch, it also has a lot of information about the Christchurch earthquakes. It has Red Zone information, news and up to date progress reports of what is happening to our historical buildings and Christchurch City itself.


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