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Senior Architect - looking to take the lead


Christchurch, Canterbury, South Island,New Zealand


Leadership + Talent?

Christchurch is full of opportunities, of that there is no doubt
For the ambitious Architect, there are normally two future options:
1. Set up your own shingle;and with it carry the risks, costs, trying to balance learning the new skills, marketing and doing the work. 

It can be a lot to risk and the downsides can be too much if, like many of us, you have dependents, mortgages, limited funds and time.
2. Stay doing what you are doing.  Perhaps you have a cosy job which is just good enough to stop you throwing in the towel.
Where does the future lie along this path?  Regret?

What if there was a third option?
What if you could bring your talent, experience and personality and add it to the capacity, reputation and support from a major player in the industry.
What better opportunity to accelerate your future plans?
Here, you have a rare opportunity to control your own destiny right here in the Garden City.
Maximise the upside, minimise the downside, then have fun getting there. 
Worth considering?

The Company:

A Registered Practice, well recognised for the quality of work, this firm is a powerhouse in New Zealand, blending design talent with commercial astuteness and delivering projects successfully throughout New Zealand.
With a healthy balance of commercial, retail and education projects and a sprinkling of high-end residential and healthcare, this firm has an enviable portfolio combining design, quality and an impressive aesthetic.
Over 60 staff  combine their talent experience and energy to deliver well thought-out structures throughout New Zealand.
Some of these have done just what we are asking you to consider, with outstanding results.

The Role:

Basically, launching the Christchurch to cater for the projects already on the go and in the pipeline.
Starting as the sole full-time local representative, but with the intention of building the capacity quickly in the New Year, you will initially be the first point of contact for clients, consultants, compliance bodies and suppliers.
The work will be a balance of
Architecture - providing conceptual, design resolution, site attendance on projects
Management - ensuring the office runs effectively, work is well managed and all parties are kept informed.
As new opportunities arise, you will be involved  in following up the right projects and presenting the capabilities of the practice to clients.

We require:

  • A Registered Architect
  • Proven experience in commercial architecture
  • Commercial common-sense
  • Technical skills (MS Office, CAD etc. to make sure inter-office collaboration works)
  • The right skills to build a great office

The Offer:

This is an incredible opportunity, well rewarded, both financial and professionally.
You get:

  • Architectural support - CAD capacity from other offices
  • Professional guidance - from Architects and directors
  • Financial backing
  • Business development support - identifying the opportunities for the future.
They get:
  • Energy
  • Leadership
  • Talent
  • A local perspective
If you have the credentials, experience and attitude, then this would be one of the finest opportunities on offer.

It is time?...Only you will know.


Name: Lachlan McNeill
Phone: +64 3 365 6673
Mobile: +64 21 1130175
Fax: +64 3 365 6684